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Entry #3

Be Advised

2010-11-19 23:45:14 by YungBB

Racism cannot affect me in anyway possible because i have too much pride besides all are created equal black folks have "N***az" yall got "rednecks" Nuff said BTW where i am there are no cotton fields or any of that old mainstream slavery bullshit you illiterate disposable wastes of sperm conjure within your microscopic brain processing only insults to make you look cool honestly hatred is a human emotion no one can always be liked i have no enemy's because i ignore ignorance i love all races and hell they luv me to as for those whom wish to insult me can only be labeled as a failure of a human being i have an NG account to enjoy flash games and watch quality entertaintment cartoons made by those with creative humorous minds im black,french,Indian

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Listen to rap,Metal,Screamo,House, Trance and R&B and im damn proud of it YungBB Of Little Rock Arkansas Area code 501 Signing out



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